Banaban Organic Food Range

The Banaban ORGANIC Food range carries Organic Certification under USDA* and Australia Certified Organic (ACO)* from the only certified organic coconut farm in Fiji. The farm also carries Kosher Australia and Halal certification.

 Fiji is not an industrialized nation and the preservation of Fiji’s pristine environment is also a major part of the Company’s focus. The farm’s processing plant runs on steam power generated from coconut bio-fuel which is part of the overall manufacturing process and also includes the use of ‘environmentally friendly’ export packaging.

The ORGANIC Banaban Food range is packed and bottled at our certified facility where it is bottled and packaged under ACO, USDA regulations and Australian food standards before being distributed throughout Australia and worldwide.

Current products in our Banaban ORGANIC Food range include Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and Coconut CrunchTM.


Banaban ORGANIC Extra Virgin Coconut Oil® is one of the highest quality natural coconut oils available in the marketplace and by far the best value. The oil is cold press extracted from fresh coconut (not copra derived). No chemicals or additives are used during the processing. The end-product is quality cold-pressed oil which is higher in lauric and caprylic acid levels (approximately 54% and 7.5% respectively)[1] compared with other virgin coconut oils on the market.


Banaban ORGANIC Coconut CrunchTM is natural air dried coconut flesh after virgin coconut oil has been removed. It is an excellent source of fibre and also provides 16% of the recommended daily dietary intake of Iron. This totally natural product tastes great and is ideal as a healthy alternative for breakfast cereal and excellent for those interested in healthy cooking and baking.


When you make a purchase from our ORGANIC Banaban Food range you are not only getting a high quality organic coconut oil and other natural organic coconut products at very reasonable prices, but you are assisting the Banaban people (known as the ‘forgotten people of the Pacific) to build a better future.


The Banaban ORGANIC Food range is available only in selected stores and health food stores through out Australia. Trade enquires and for a list of stockist contact: Banaban Organics Stockists





 * This is your guarantee that this is a Certified Organic product 


[1] Both Lauric and Caprylic Acid levels are commonly seen as useful markers for the quality of a coconut oil, with higher levels usually indicating a higher quality of oil.